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TreasureFamilyApp is an app that allows users to observe how children grow from 0 to 6 years old and offers personalized advice. It empowers families to recognize the most prominent indicators of their child’s development and makes it easier for them to know what to do if they are worried about their child’s growth. The App offers a questionnaire at the beginning of each age range, where the baby or child is assessed.

We have developed an app for iOS and Android connected to a backoffice developed with our framework where more than 2000 activities and resources are presented to follow the evolution of children with graphics and personalized circuits.

TreasureFamilyApp is the result of the mutual cooperation between the cooperatives Baulacreix, Magroc, Deltacoop, Claraboia and Jamgo.

Social Balance – tool for accountability of social impact

Social Balance is a tool of the Solidarity Economy Network designed for accountability and measurement of social, environmental and good governance impact of solidarity economy entities. For this tool we have built an application that allows users from different organizations to respond to questionnaires where they can self-assess in terms of their environmental impact, gender perspective, work environment, etc.

This application is connected to a backoffice or management area that allows the project team to review the questionnaires answered by the organizations, filter and export the answers, add/edit/delete new modules, indicators and questions and relate them to each other, among other functionalities.

Java, Spring, Vaadin

Pam a pam – social and solidarity economy map


Pam a pam is the collaborative map of the Social and Solidarity Economy of Catalonia. A collective tool that contributes to social transformation through the visibility of initiatives that operate under the criteria of the solidarity economy.

The main objectives of the project at an external level have been to improve the design, usability and functionality of the Pam to Pam web platform. Internally, the main goal was for the new platform to improve project data management and internal communication flows between project workers and volunteers. With this intention, we have built a backoffice in Java to manage the internal information and a web application based on WordPress.

Wordpress, Spring, Vaadin

Directory of Social Economy Organizations

The Online Directory of Social Economy Organizations is a tool promoted by Barcelona City Council. It is designed as a search engine to show the existing organizations in the Social Economy and that draws directly from the official records of the field.

We have built a platform composed of a Java backoffice and a WordPress-based web application connected by a REST API. The content manager together with the backoffice allows the project managers, autonomously and with minimal effort, to easily update and manage information.

APPel lloc – cohousing projects app

APPel lloc is an online application promoted by Perviure to assess the economic and architectural feasibility of cohousing projects. Perviure is an organization that works to guarantee the viability of cooperative housing projects in all their dimensions: economic and financial, relationships, legal and architectural.

The APPel lloc software allows you to add/edit/delete the housing groups, manage the master data of the profiles, simulations and surveys and analyze the simulations of the housing groups. With the data entered in the simulations, the application makes a projection of the economic viability of the project.

Java, Spring, Vaadin

Irídia – backoffice application

Irídia offers free legal and psychosocial assistance to people who suffer situations of institutional violence within the Catalan penal system, the project is known as Attention and Complaint Service in Situations of Institutional Violence (SAIDAVI in catalan)

The center manages the follow-up of complaints with a tailor-made tool that facilitates the entry of cases, their advice and follow-up. For the development of this service, we have used the Jamgo Framework, which has allowed SAIDAVI staff to centralize all their information in a management backoffice.

Java, Spring, Vaadin