We are a technology cooperative. We design and develop from advanced applications to web pages, as well as all kinds of tailor-made technological solutions. We operate with democratic and fairness criteria and transparency

Transparency is one of the main values of our cooperative. It is a mechanism that is based on trust and that we have included into our decision-making spaces. All Jamgo members have access to the economic and strategic information of the cooperative.

In addition, since 2015, we carry out the Social Balance of the Solidarity Economy Network, a self-assessment tool aimed to improve year after year in terms of democracy, equality, environmental and social commitment.
Download our 2020 Social Balance Sheet 2020 in pdf.

is one of our core values. We have created a structure where we are and relate as equals and horizontality

We work in a 100% horizontal structure. We have created a work space in which everyone is a partner of the organization and perceives the same salary. In addition, we all have the same decision-making power in our meetings and reflection spaces.

is key in our decision making processes. In addition, we are convinced that working together with other cooperatives makes us stronger, which is why we prioritize to cooperate

Working together makes us stronger. For this reason, we prioritize working with other organizations in the Social and Solidarity Economy sector, such as cooperatives or associations. In addition, we are part of the following federations to learn and share ecological, feminist and horizontal practices:

  • La Comunal
  • Solidarity Economy Network
  • Grup Ecos
  • L’Impuls Cooperatiu de Sants
  • Cooperative Federation of Catalonia
  • Solidarity Economy Fair of Catalonia

We work with open source software

We work with free software technologies that promote the creation of collective projects and avoid proprietary licenses that only benefit a few. For Jamgo this is our way to build together a more fair, accessible, horizontal and free technology, at the service of society.

  • We use free software
  • We opt for open standards
  • We work with open licenses
and we want to build a fairer, more accessible, horizontal and free technology at the service of society. We are concerned about the inequality of women in the sector and make efforts to apply the feminist perspective

The almost non existent presence of women in technological environments has led us to traditionally be a major male presence. That is why we make conscious efforts to apply the feminist perspective.

In 2016 we began a process of incorporating women with the intention of having a more representative team, with a broader vision of the world and with more balanced ways of doing things. We try to raise awareness on stereotypes about the role of women in technology and break with discriminatory practices in the sector.

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Marta Gómez

Digital communication and technological training. I am interested in technology as a tool for democratizing knowledge and for citizen participation and organization.

Martín Espinach

Java architect, passionate about bits. I love sailing both El Río de la Plata and the calm waters of the Mediterranean.

Bàrbara Masachs

Designer and web developer, passionate about the digital world. Discovering and learning new things every day.

Antonio Fernández

Project manager. I like turning difficulties into opportunities. Convinced of the ability of people and technology to overcome existing challenges.

Amadeu Heredia

Java architect, Jamgo Framework fan and big chess fan. In constant learning.

Jordi Buj

Software engineer. I like it when complicated things seem simple because they are well done.

Martín Deluca

Full Stack Developer. At Jamgo I feel aligned with my values and with how I want the world to work. The software is also a tool to make the world a fairer and more humane place.

Josep Porcel

Full Stack Developer. I like being able to learn something new every day and being involved in new technologies makes me feel alive. To work
in a horizontal structure allows me to contribute to the construction of another way of making technology.

Alfred García

He yearns for a society where knowledge, code and resource management are free, open and transparent. He also writes code.

Sarai Rua

Coming from the field of image, she combines her passion for visual communication with front-end design and programming. Passionate about digital storytelling.

Marisa Pérez

Full Stack developer 👩‍💻⚡. I like to tinker with things and understand how they work. I believe in a free, decentralized and ecological internet.