Java EE Architect, bit passionate and navigator from the Rio de la Plata to the placid waters of the Mediterranean.

I’m wedged between lines of code since I can remember and I still have the same enthusiasm that day when I went with my mother and my grandmother to buy a Sinclair Spectrum in the early eighties. I say since I can remember because I think I’m a rarity in this world of bits: being more than forty years old, I’m second generation computer in my family :). So, I started playing as a child with the remains of perforated cards that my mother brought home and now I keep playing with objects, classes and block closures. And I’m still having fun. No doubt, I’m lucky, is what I like and it’s my job.

But every so often, when I park the bytes for a while, I go to the sea with my Catalan skate to see if I learn to better gird.