Real-time market research platform


Snappy Research is a web application for real-time market research. Snappy offers a set of products to choose depending on the objective of the campaign. Once the product is chosen, the target is selected according to the country, filtered (by gender, geographical area, age or social class) or specialized (according to the tastes, habits and hobbies of the respondents).

Then the questionnaire is prepared and the questions are finally thrown out. Respondents use an application to respond on their mobile device and, as the surveys are completed, the user views the results in the control panel using charts and downloading tables in spreadsheets.


People at Snappy Research got in touch with Jamgo as we had previously participated in other projects together. The development started previously with another supplier and our participation at the project was evaluated as an opportunity to improve what was done until then.

Working at Snappy has represented a challenge to our work methodology as we had to adapt to an environment where priorities can change very frequently. The fact that we also have to work on an inherited architecture and that we have to improve it without affecting delivery times, leads us to continuous improving of efficiency.


Most of the Snappy real-time market research platform, is developed in PHP, using the Symfony framework, the Doctrine database persistence layer, and the Twig template presentation layer. The graphics are made with the Highcharts library written in Javascript. Another important part is implemented in Java, Spring Framework and Vaadin. There is also a RabbitMQ queuing system to decouple long processes from user interaction, and web services interfaces from different third-party systems: the Adyen payment gateway, the Netquest survey system provider, the Bitext linguistic analysis system and others that will be incorporated in the future.

All together, it is a highly complex system that requires, in addition to the standard development work, architectural work combined with client support in the process of analysis of technological requirements and decisions.

client: Snappy Research

year: 2016

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Jordi Buj (Partner & Diversified Software Engineer)