Cyclist and developer, used to long distances as well as climb mountain passes.

Born in Barcelona and resident in Sant Cugat del Vallès.

It was in 2006 that I began to work for Hewlett Packard Consulting as Java EE developer. Since then, I have been always searching new forecasts. I cannot stand still, so I’ve been working in many different areas: developing specific software for huge mutlifunction printer fleets, web applications and enjoyed the last years involved in BigData projects oritented to real-time analitics for telecommunication networks.

Now, at Jamgo, I have found my place, where we stand for the technology contribution for a better world.

“I am a wanderer and mountain-climber, I love not the plains, and it seemeth I cannot long sit still. And whatever may still overtake me as fate and experience, a wandering will be therein, and a mountain-climbing”
F. Nietzsche