Design and overall web conception for Roca Sanitary. Corporate website and product catalogue.


In June 2013 Horaci Polanco works as an independent consultant in the ECM team of Roca Corporation. During this first stage of the project he’s responsible for creating the first wireframes of the project along with Roca Marketing and IT departments. During the project execution a collective work was carried out along with other companies, such as Multiplo, x Creative e-Business and Azalpen, giving support strategy and SEO.


The main project goal is displaying, in a consistent manner, an environment containing a large volume of information. The absence of a valid similar project for Roca trademark did not allow us to establish starting points.
The strategy should allow the coexistence between the world of brand values and a more concrete one, such as the product catalogue environment.
It should also allow cross-country navigation, markets and languages.
In terms of art direction, the challenge is to maintain the visual concepts of the brand and add it little dose of web innovation.


Conceptually, we have sought a clear, legible and ordered environment that allow the users, above all, always understand where they are.
In terms of visual structure, we worked with an array of 12 columns that allows modular space identically on all screens.
Typographically we worked with serif fonts, Helvetica and Swiss Condensed, with black and white as the main colours.
In terms of usability, we created a spacious and very visual dropdowns. The idea is to navigate around the site, from anywhere.
For the front-end solution we used techniques such as HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, to display the content in a consistent manner in all different browsers and devices.

client: Roca Sanitario

year: 2013

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Horaci Polanco (Lead designer)