Project to improve the strategy of information communication, guidance and services provided by Jamgo sccl.


Jamgo built a “basic” website as part of the strategy to achieve the following objectives: to convey the company message and display our products and services. As a secondary objective: to experiment with the image of “brand”, the design and study of the communication strategy.


Not having a clear idea of the final look and feel, as well as a defined site map defined resulted in an aimlessly work and with too many changes on the fly, to finally achieve a satisfactory result.
To solve this problem, the strategy was redefined, starting with a ‘Wireframing”, a visual scheme that represents the skeleton or visual structure of our web site, and incorporating technical and product knowledge, successes and mistakes, coming from the construction of the “old” Jamgo website. In the redesign and reorientation result of the work of the schema or structure of the new web site, we found a question that our current site was not able to respond: who was our audience? And how we wanted to present ourselves to the market?


Implement a basic communication plan from the point of view of:
-The items covered are: Home Web, Projects and “Jamgo space” that would include blogs and social content.
-Organization of content and relationships between them.
-Designing a “dynamic” web supported by the links between different contetns.
-Legibility and clear structure.
-Friendly and creative aspect.
-Mainstreaming throughout all the cycle: communication / values / people.
-Provide visual coherence in different reading devices: computers, tablets and phones.
-From the technological point, keeping the content manager / CMS WordPress adding features: custom entries or Custom Post Type, our own Taxonomies (Custom Taxonomies), Web WordPress multisite with separate databases and plugins.

client: Jamgo sccl

year: 2014

related services:

Web Design and Prototype

Web and APP development


Horaci Polanco (Lead designer)