Responsive development with high customization based on Wordpress


Voltes is a cooperative of architecture and urbanism that focuses its practices as a tool for social transformation. The cooperative is specialized in various fields such as bioconstruction and sustainability, rehabilitation and citizen participation. In addition, they seek to work transversally with other disciplines to foster shared knowledge.

Until recently, Voltes was known as Collective Volta. The transition from collective to cooperative also meant a change of name for the project, so it needed to be accompanied by a communicative strategy. A change of graphic image and a new website seemed the most appropriate to communicate the consolidation of the project.


Voltes contacted Júlia Valldolitx, graphic designer, to work on her new image and with Jamgo for web design and development. The great challenge of the project was to implement a design with many distinctive elements. Each page of the design was thought with a different approach and requires a specific and laborious layout to include collages and other disruptive elements.

The challenge of the project was double since it was important that, despite being made to a large extent, the page allowed it to be edited by the Voltes team itself and that the content was not totally static. On the other hand, adaptation to all types of devices was also important.


For the layout, the framework Foundation was used that provides a responsive grid. The solution to fit the discordant elements with the grids was to “break it” in those sections where objects were on top of others.

Each of the templates on the page have been created from scratch to get the design presented. All dynamic pages are Custom Post Types tailored to the content. The editing interface in WordPress was customized so that the client can edit each one of their elements in a simple way without having to enter the skeleton of the web

client: Voltes Cooperativa

year: 2018

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