Application developed in MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular and NodeJS)


Téstate is a project promoted by CEEISCAT (Global health and epidemiology of STDS). The platform is designed for users to self-test HIV at home. In fact, this first prototype of the platform is meant to analyze the acceptability of this type of diagnosis.

Participants use the online platform to request an autotest HIV kit. Once they receive the kit, they have to take a salive sample and send it to the laboratory. The test result can be consulted online.


CEEISCAT contacts Jamgo with the main idea of designing a platform where the security and privacy of the participants were the basis of the project. All data collected should be treated and protected at the same time, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

Another key aspect of the project was working on usability. The platform had to be simple and understandable and give enough confidence to users to do the test. The communication campaign of the application was designed for mobile phones. That implied that most users would land in the mobile version of the application. Well thinking and testing this version was one of the mainstays of the project.

For CEEISCAT it was also important that all data could be exported in order to be analyzed for the research project.


The solution to integrate all the needs of the project was to think about it in three parts:

The first is the Front End part and the user account. The front end and the account are intended to be usable. The user can register clearly, giving explicit consent to the processing of their data, and can access their account immediately.

The second part is the Backoffice. This part can be managed by three types of users. News writers, laboratory technicians and the global administrator. Everyone can see different parts of the backoffice. The efforts in this part have been put in showing all the information that is in the server in a clear way. In addition, an understandable workflow has been created to track the samples of each user.

The third part is the server, which is capable of launching emails, sms, database records, and also offers an API for the backoffice and front end.


  • Angular 5 and Bootstrap have been used for the front end and backoffice.
  • For the server we have used NodeJS and Express
  • MongoDB has been used for the database

These technologies are part of the so-called MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular and NodeJS)


client: CEEISCAT (Centre d'Estudis Epidemiològics de SIDA i Infeccions de Transmissió Sexual de Catalunya)

year: 2019

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