Software tool to manage all data involved in construction projects

TCQ is a software tool to manage all the data regarding technical, economic and schedule issues involved in the construction process, developed by The Catalan Institute of Construction Technology (IteC). ITEC wanted to launch now TCQi, a new software based on the TCQ methodology that allowed users to work in their own virtual space on the cloud.

TCQ software is thought to track the different aspects of a construction project like, for example, time or budget planning. TCQ allows to link a construction project to a budget, that can be distributed into different tasks during the project execution. One of the most interesting features of TCQ software is the Gantt chart, that allows to plan more graphically and edit the plan on the go.

The project was a complex challenge for Jamgo, both at the backend and frontend level.

  • Main challenges at the server level: rewriting complex algorithms provided by the client; implementating unit testing; integrating with different software modules
  • At the client level: designing the graphic interface, especially an easily editable Gantt chart that includes, among others, editing, export, copying and pasting functions, as well as the possibility of establishing links between different tasks in a usable way.


The ITeC team was already working with Angular for the client side and Java for the server side, so Jamgo has continued to use these technologies. To address the complexity and provide flexibility to the project, agile development methodologies have been followed. This has allowed us to work on short weekly iterations (sprints). In this way, the constant validation of the implementations by the client has made it easier to adapt to the changes that always take place throughout the life of a technological project.


  • Frontend:
    Angular JS
    Angular Material
  • Backend:
    Java 7, Maven, Spring, JUnit

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