Responsive custom web development based on Wordpress


Sostre Cívic promotes cooperative housing. In cooperative housing a group of people comes together with the objective of living in  a community with private areas for each family while also having a series of common areas for the whole community. In addition, in cooperative housing the property of the building is collective.

In response to the current housing crisis in Barcelona, ​​alternative housing models are becoming more attractive to the neighbours in the city. Therefore, Sostre Cívic wants to build a new website as part of a wider communication strategy that can offer the answers that many of their users need. Similar to the Ecos Group website and the cooperative Arç website, this project is a co-creation process in which the cooperative Apostrof would be in charge of the design and Jamgo would be in charge of developing the site. 


Previous client’s website had many pages, most of which are to be maintained in the new project. In addition, the design of the new site had many distinctive elements and effects. On the other hand, the previous web was also very static, which was a big problem for Sostre Civic’s communication team.

The challenge in this case was to find elements that were common to the design of the different pages and to unify them in order to create reusable blocks. The goal is that these blocks which include, for example, sidebar menus or listings with specific styles, can be easily reused and edited by the admin WordPress user.



As in most projects, we have used an empty, open source WordPress template: Joints WP. In this case, we have combined it with the use of shortcodes. On the other hand, in order to create the reusable blocks we have used Advanced Custom Fields, which we have unified with the new ACF Blocks for Gutenberg Editor in WordPress. 

Another distinguishing element of the web is that many key pages of the project, like the one that talks about the different projects in Sostre Cívic, have filters by categories. We have achieved this functionality with Ajax. Finally, the events section of the web has been built with The Events plugin. The rest of the functionalities and effects have been tailor-made according to the client’s needs.


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