Les meves ajudes: Check what social benefits you can apply for


The application les meves ajudes of the Barcelona City Council is a tool designed so that anyone can learn about the social benefits to which they are entitled, regardless of the public administration that manages them.

The tool works anonymously and, based on the information entered, indicates which grants can be requested, as well as an estimate of the amount, and links to the procedures to request them. The web has been conceived as a tool for empowering citizens to reduce the problem of non-access to existing public services. In addition to facilitating access and increasing transparency about public benefits, it also aims to avoid stigmatizing the demand, since anyone can consult this application from home.


The web application sits on a dedicated Drupal deployed for this purpose. This CMS contains, on the one hand, the static content where the help contained in the simulator is reported, and on the other, it contains the simulator’s own React application embedded.

The engine that calculates aid is programmed using the OpenFisca open source platform.

When a user performs a simulation, a request is sent to OpenFisca. This is where you will find all the programmed logic on the requirements to access each of the aids. When OpenFisca has calculated the simulation result, it is sent to the React application that shows the result to the user and saves the result in the Simulation Store (implemented in NodeJS), anonymously in a PostgreSQL database, but with a unique identifier that allows the simulation to be retrieved by City Council staff who need it.


The application is documented and available on Github. This application is developed with the following technologies:

– FrontEnd: The frontend layer is composed of a Drupal and an application programmed in React
– Calculation of aid: The engine that performs the calculation is programmed with the open source OpenFisca platform.
– Simulation storage: It is the application that stores the result of the simulations. It is an application created with Express and NodeJS. The database used is PostgreSQL

client: Direcció d’Innovació Social - Ajuntament Barcelona

year: 2021


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