Searcher of geolocated cooperatives


The project born by the need of increasing visibility of the Catalonia cooperatives, turning around, by the way, the concept of source of information, which in the new platform becomes the cooperatives themselves. The result of all together is a tool that allows geolocating a particular Catalonia cooperative in a map, with all their data completely up to date. The tool will be a referent to get up to date information about Catalonia cooperatives.


We found out that the information that we had regarding the Catalonia cooperatives was the one that the cooperatives themselves provided to the Registry of Cooperatives, which in some cases were…. from before the invention of e-mail. In addition we would like to geolocate the different offices of the cooperatives from a postal address that in some cases where minimal, and create clients for smartphones of platforms as heterogeneous as Android, IOS or Windows Phone.


We start building a backoffice which allows from a web interface to edit the information of the different Catalonia cooperatives. Later on we treated the data coming from the Registry of Cooperatives to add it to the database, after some processes to guarantee a proper level of quality of the information.

After that we built the different clients for Android, IOS and Windows Phone, which should consume the data from the backoffice and display it in a user friendly way, because there are more than 4000 records. Finally we uploaded the three Apps to the different Stores, a process that always comes with some surprises.

Android App


Windows Phone App