Production and quality Management project of the assembly lines for Nidec.


Nidec is a large multinational company whose main activity is the design and production of a wide range of precision motors. In order to improve the computerization of production lines, they clearly identified the need to being provided of technological services support.


The main objective is to improve the performance of its production line, providing the production department of efficiency metrics (OEE) in an automatic way, development of an automatic report at the end of each shift and reporting of all incidents reported in the system during it, and solving the need of Quality Assurance department of automatic processing of control forms (Start of Production) and react to defects.
It also requires to quickly know the traceability of components used to produce each product unit, and labeling of defective parts, storing the data in a centralized database to which various applications can access to report or analyze the information stored in it, and having a terminal in each production line to allow the controller to report actions to the system immediately.


Jamgo opted to a Java EE web application, with database access, and developing a REST service layer to provide access to application data through other applications. The definition of the data model is flexible enough to allow, in the future, adding new concepts in the application.
For workstations, a web user interface with Vaadin is designed using large icons, designed to facilitate the use of the application by line operators that have a manual work. The other clients connect themselves to the server through the published REST services.
It was necessary to develop a system of definition of basic forms, and Android applications to allow line managers to fill the necessary forms as they move along the production line. In addition, a consultancy of selecting resistant Android handsets for internal use of a line was carried out. The answers to the forms are then analyzed by the Quality Assurance department.