Web application for procedures management offered to the collegiate members (Back Office).


It is necessary to automate many aspects of the services offered to the collegiate members, which currently are handled manually when the person presents the necessary documentation. The Bar Council employee manages and enters the information on the college through an internal web application.


The manual management of the procedures is a huge amount of mechanical work for Bar Council employees that may slow down the services offered to the collegiate members.
The tools available to it the ICAB didn’t cover all needs to globally automate management of the procedures.


It was decided to develop a new application for procedures management that allows modernization of the architecture and introduction of new technologies in the ICAB’s applications development environment.  A web application that acts as backoffice to treat the different states a procedures goes through.
The need to integrate with existing data model for the implementation of internal management ICAB GesColAb (application that also develops and maintains Jamgo), made us propose a solution that would recycle some of the existing functionality with current technologies. Thus currently, in addition to having provided the Bar Council of a web application to manage the paperwork electronically, there is an entire platform that provides a complete architecture for the new developments that are made from the ICAB and facilitates refactoring GesColAb different modules that are in the process of being updated.
The new services consumed for several different clients (ICAB website, web application GesColAb and procedures) are published from this architecture.


Vaadin 7: Presentation Layer
Hibernate 4.0.1: persistence layer
Spring 3.2.1 container beans, IoC, Hibernate integration, LDAP, aspectizadas transactions
Maven 3
H2 database in memory for running tests
JUnit 4.8.2

client: ICAB

year: 2013

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Aritz Samaniego (Partner & Java EE Architect)