Backoffice in Java and site based on Wordpress connected by a REST API.


Pam a pam is the collaborative map of the Social and Solidarity Economy of Catalonia. A collective tool that contributes to social transformation by making more visible projects and initiatives that operate under the criteria of the solidarity economy. The web platform of Pam a pam is one of the essential parts of the project, since it’s the platform used by citizens to find the initiatives. In addition, the web is the workspace for the project team, as well as for Pam a pam volunteers.


The main challenge of the project was to improve the website at the level of design, usability and functionality for external users, but especially for the internal users of the platform. The project volunteers together with the technical staff are the main users of the platform. They use it, mainly, to introduce the information they collect about the initiatives that populate the map. Therefore, it was important that the information dump process was more intuitive and usable. For its part, the technical team wanted a more modular platform in which it was easier to review the information given by the volunteers. They also wanted better internal communication work flows. In addition, the front-end of the platform required improvements in usability for users who visit the web and the possibility of modifying the contents in a web that was very static. Finally, the map search engine, another of the key elements for web users, required improvements in usability and search results. The Pam a pam project also asked for a well-documented website that could easily be replicated in order to upload it to GitHub.


From Jamgo it is proposed to build a new platform integrated by a backoffice in Java and a web application based on WordPress connected by a REST API. The team valued that the new content manager together with the backoffice would allow the project, autonomously and with minimal effort, to update and manage the information in an easier way.
The backoffice offers the following main functionalities:

  • People management (different types of users, editing of different profiles, etc.)
  • Management of initiatives (work flow, modification of information, etc.)
  • Registration of initiatives by volunteers (internal notes, alerts that make the page more usable, etc.)

The web application is based on WordPress and allows publishing all project information. The bulk of the project information (data from the initiatives and volunteers) is entered through the backoffice. The REST API is responsible for connecting both elements.


Spring Boot 1.5.2
Frontend: Vaadin 8.0
Web: WordPress
Authentication: Spring Security + OAuth2
Persistence: Spring Data JPA + EclipseLink, MySql
Unit tests: Spring Test, JUnit, H2 Database
Maven 3, Git
Web Services: Spring Web, Jackson

client: Pam a pam

year: 2018

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