Responsive design and development based on the Drupal CMS


Pau Education works on the design of educational projects at local and global scale, and at a european level. The Open Education Studio project is a debate and opinion forum in the educational context provided by Pau Education.


Pau Education’s proposal was to involve Jamgo in a collaborative project, using agile methodologies from the very beginning. This approach has allowed to create a workflow with lots of dialogue and feedback, both on the conceptualization side and on the content architecture definition and the prototype building.
As an aside, Pau Education required that the project was built on top of the Drupal CMS.


The solution is based on the concept of content blocks or issues, where multiple authors edit each issue and use the Disqus commenting system. The front end is responsive, and its main objective is to make the reading process as easy as possible. At the CMS level, Drupal makes it easy to work on the logic and content blocks in a clear and simple way for the site’s authors and readers.