We demonstrate how to migrate a spreadsheet to a web application


The cooperatives, like any other company, needs tools for taking good economic and financial decisions. In this way Aposta, with the support of Fundació Seira, decides creating a tool to bring it to federated cooperatives, which will be used during trainings for those cooperatives.


The starting point is a spreadsheet that allows, in a quick and intuitive manner, see economic and financial information of a cooperative. This spreadsheet is growing with time in complexity, and there’s a time when it’s no longer operative, and is decided to migrate the tool to a web environment, bringing by the way new functionalities, such as concurrent use of the updated tool for different users, or to store for future comparison different scenarios of the same cooperative.


The spreadsheet was analysed from the point of view of a user who interacts for the first time with the tool. The menus and sub-menus were completely re-designed, as well as how the information is being displayed, to allow a completely newbie user to use the tool in an intuitive manner.

At application level the tool was built in modular way, allowing new features in the future, probable scenario since the tool is intended to be used in training sessions by the cooperatives. In addition, as we used to do, our solutions are deployed using open source software, which is optimum from the functionality and maintaining stand point.


Spring Boot 1.2.1
Presentation layer: Vaadin 7.4.0
Authentication: Spring Security
Persistence: Spring Data JPA + EclipseLink, MySql
Unit tests: Spring Test, JUnit, H2 Database, Mockito
Maven 3, Git