Project for the School of Architecture at IE Business School in Madrid.


The aim of the project was to create a web environment from scratch for the School of Architecture at IE Business School in Madrid.
The Project was executed in collaboration with rafamateo studio, art director, industrial designer and editorial graphic designer.
From our side, we have worked conceptual and strategic aspects of web usability and technical development.
The interest of the project resides, beyond the product itself, in the dialogue and shared decision making with rafamateo.


The main challenge of the project was to make a site with a high degree of usability, and at the same time, advanced design criteria.
Other challenges were communicating different types of courses or masters, each with their own visual elements.


We worked in common elements, and also searched differential elements through specific landing pages.
The values associated with the design have been sought through the graph itself, typography, colours and some details of usability.
We also developed the entire application for mobile devices using responsive design techniques.
Technically, the whole site has been developed with Drupal, which has allowed us to create an environment of medium complexity with quick development time.

client: IE

year: 2013

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