Project based on Java technology.

Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) has an internal census, a custom-developed tool which aim is to manage and track users (collegiates, students, etc.).

This application is based on an obsolete architecture that made very costful any evolution of the code. Main challenge was to use current technologies that also served for future development of the rest of their internal management applications. In this way, it was basic to to establish a clear, scalable and well structured software architecture. Another of the key points of this project was the need to maintain the current permit system.

At Jamgo we have been working on an open source framework that serves us to develop backoffice applications without the need to start from scratch every time: The Jamgo Framework. 
Most of the views that were shown in the ICAB’s census management module were served by an internal application. So, the data layer was developed according to the entities involved in these views.
The existing service layer, which contained almost all the business logic already implemented, has been integrated into a web application developed with the Jamgo Framework.
Finally, in the presentation layer, all the views have been developed using new bookstores. At a visual level, the previous style was used so that while Jamgo Framework and the previous tools coexist, integration is consistent in terms of usability.

Java 8
Vaadin 8
Spring 4.3.16
Spring Boot 1.5.12
Spring Security 4.2.5


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