Internal management application of ICAB, telematic communication systems with the Government and the General Council of the Judiciary.


Tool (GesColAb) users are Bar Council employees. They all have access to the specific functions of the service or the delegation in which they work:  Service Associate (SAC), the Legal Aid, Fees, Department of Administration, Training, Mediation Center (CEMICAB), Accounting, Immigration , Ethics, Legal Advice Service (LAS) and Service Processing of Legal Aid (SERTRA), among others.
In turn, GesColAb makes communications with Bar Council associates, and other Government agencies such as the Network Advocacy Service, the General Council of the Judiciary, courts and police stations.
Among other functions performed by the application, different aspects of corporate accounting, such as invoices and payment status are also managed.


GesColAb is a large project with multiple functions that are increasing. Evolutionary development is constant, as well as maintenance tasks.
The most urgent challenge was to improve the response time and provide the platform with an integrated document management system that solves the needs of different departments. Other needs were deploying multiple webservices to communicate with organizations like Advocacy Network or the General Council of the Judiciary.


Step by step the platform has been upgraded; the new developments are integrated with the application following best practices and code-level documentation.
The native connections pool implemented by the application was migrated to the one implemented by Oracle, obtaining a dramatic improvement in response time and user experience.
The application is now integrated with the document management system that uses the ICAB. A generic system can target the different engines available depending on the solution being used at this time.
All platforms and tools involved has been migrated and upgraded. We introduced tools for testing and monitoring the application, as well as user response time.


Although most of the code is pure Java EE combined with some PL / SQL functions, the new draft procedures developed for the ICAB has allowed us to introduce technologies such as Maven, Hibernate, Spring, Jersey and Vaadin, among others. New services developed are integrated into the new platform that GesColAb currently communicates via a REST architecture.