Design and development for Android and IOS app. Backoffice development


Every year since 2012 the Social and Solidarity Economy Fair (FESC in catalan) takes place. This event, organized by Xarxa d’Economia Solidaria (XES), is thought as a meeting point for the entities that make up the Social and Solidarity Economy in Catalunya.
The inter-cooperation workshop and the will entities have to know each other make it possible to carry out projects together after the event. Many social projects come out as a result of the activities and meetings occur throughout the weekend.
The visitors can find all kind of products (consumer, textile, telecommunications, …) and services (IT, finance, architecture, …) as every need you can imagine can be fulfilled by the Social and Solidarity Economy.


Year after year there are more events and entities participating in the Social and Solidarity Economy Fair. But as of 2015, the use of IT to show the details of the entities, the sectors they belong to, and the events and speeches that take place during the event was something still to be covered.
The fact that Jamgo started participating in the 2015th edition was the perfect excuse to begin with the IT’s introduction in the event and thus try to make it widespread to the XES as the entity organizing it.
This is edition was the first having an app for Android and iOS platforms. It was useful to check the participating entities accompanied with a short description, their email and a contact email. Activities program scheduled by days, the enclosure maps and frequently asked questions were available, as well as tweets in two different formats: the ones from the FESC’s twitter account and those tweeted using the event’s hashtag (#FESC2015).
For the last edition (2016th) the idea was to get the app closer to the FESC organization so that it will become a stable IT platform and it could be useful even before the weekend of the event.


This time the development has gone a little bit further than a single app for smartphones. The data shown is the most important thing and for that reason its management and organization has been the core of  the development.

The IT platform consists of three parts that are connected to each other: a backoffice for data management (entities, speeches, categories, notifications, …), REST web services to publish such data, and an Android and iOS app that consumes those services in order to show to the user all the information available.

The backoffice is a web application developed in Vaadin that allows the management of entities data, activities schedule and the details of them as the event’s core elements.

REST web services publish the mentioned data in order the mobile app to consume them and show them to the user in a friendly and intuitive way. Push notifications are an important new feature for this version.  Using the backoffice notifications (last minute changes, promotions, …) can be pushed to the users. The user can mark a speech to keep it in the favorite’s section and a notification will be received 10 minutes before they begin.


– Ionic 2.1.4

– Angular 1.5.3

– D3 4.2.7

– Vaadin 7.6.8

– Spring Boot 1.3.6