Easy-to-update Wordpress website with Custom Post Types for custom content


Ecos Group is a cooperative group formed by companies of the social and solidarity economy. The group consists of a number of projects from different sectors of activity and aims to strengthen partner organizations and contribute to the well-being of the people that work for the member co-operatives.
We received a petition from the Group to renew the website with a more modern look & feel and a mobile version. In addition, the project was presented to us as a co-creation process in which the colleagues of L’Apòstrof cooperative would be focused on the design and communication part and Jamgo would be in charge of the development part.


For a cooperative group like Ecos, the web should be a dynamic platform designed in a way that conveys the cooperative values ​​of the group. The challenge was also to create an easy-to-update website with a private area to share documents among the members of the group.


The design was proposed by l’Apòstrof. Jamgo has been responsible for customizing the WordPress platform with that design. Many sections of the web have been thought of as dynamic content, since the group’s story will keep on growing. All the dynamic pages of the web are Custom Post Types where the structure is personalized and editable (thanks to the Custom Fields). Everyone can use the administration panel to update the dynamic content without needing to have technical knowledge.

client: Grupo Ecos

year: 2017


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