Publication of services to access procedures from within the Bar Council website.


Current Bar Council website offers a number of services to collegiate member that requires downloading documents and submit them filled and in person. This, while making a waste of time in the form of travel for the collegiate member also overloads the Bar Association employees, since they have to process each request manually.


It is necessary to provide the services in a telematic way, so the collegiate members does not have to go to the Bar Council, as well as streamline the processing by Bar Council employees.


We deployed a web application that dynamically generates most of the required forms for procedures. Due to the large number of existing procedures, the implementation of one form for each procedure was a very expensive job. We chose to implement an engine based on the information obtained from the database relating to procedure, and the different steps defined in its workflow, thus offering the collegiate member (or interested person) the corresponding form in each case.
Needed services for the execution of procedures are published via RESTful web services, independently from the platform and centralizing them for further access from different applications.


Rest web services with Jersey 1.17: Publication Services
Jackson 1.9.13: JSON serialization
Spring 3.2.1 container beans, IoC, integration Jersey
JUnit 4.8.2
JQuery 2.0.3
Maven 3
Self-signed digital certificates: Securing access to web services

client: ICAB

year: 2013

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Aritz Samaniego (Partner & Java EE Architect)