Digital self-diagnosis tool for improving the Democratic Governance of entities in the Third Social Sector of Catalonia.

In recent years, La Confederació has promoted various actions aimed at advancing Third Social Sector organizations towards models of democratic governance.

The client seeks to consolidate these actions with the development of a digital tool to accompany the sector and move collectively towards improving the internal participation and democratic management of organizations.

Jamgo develops this web platform with Django, an open source web application framework written in Python.

With this platform, entities can register and generate, autonomously, an initial diagnosis of the state of democratic governance of the entity.

Through this solution, entities have a tool to empower people and involve them in decision-making regarding the different defined foci. Based on the responses and other scheduled variables, the application automatically generates a matrix of democratic governance. In order to facilitate the analysis of the results, the matrix appears in different colors (traffic light type), depending on the degree of focus.

The service is managed from a back office where you can manage the master data, prepare the questionnaires and consult the data collected in the matrix.

Django framework

client: La Confederació - Patronal del Tercer Sector Social de Catalunya

year: 2021

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