Giving people ownership of their personal data


DECODE is a multidisciplinary EU project that responds to people’s concerns about losing control of their personal information on the Internet. The ability to access, control and use personal data has become a means by which Internet companies obtain benefits.

DECODE is a decentralized platform, which improves privacy and preserves the rights of people by restoring sovereignty over their data, while facilitating the exercise of those rights. Offers

– DECODE operating system
– Distributed DECODE nodes
– DECODE personal and common data management
– Distributed registration technology DECODE and intelligent contracts platform.

DECODE offers a wide range of functionalities and its tools are open and accessible to everyone, from citizens to municipal governments and digital entrepreneurship. DECODE allows:

– Privacy by design
– Anonymous but authenticated participation in internet platforms
– Granular control of data exchange with communities
– Storage and sharing of encrypted data, including IoT data.

The DECODE App (iOS, Android) developed by our technical team has been used in a project pilot (Digital Democracy and Community Data – DDDC) carried out in Barcelona. The pilot has successfully tested the technology and demonstrated the broader social value that comes with the fact that individuals have control over their personal data and the means to share them differently.

Digital Democracy and Common Data (DDDC)
The pilot project has opened a deliberative and participatory process on the politics and economics of data, and on how to set up a local data common based on its results. This pilot test has counted with the participation of the Barcelona City Council and the digital democracy software project The new DDDC platform integrates a new module of DECODE that allows to sign electronic citizen requests anonymously, while the authentication requirements are met. This new system of citizen requests offers the participants a greater control of their data, improves privacy through the DECODE App, allows to share and visualize data through the BCNOW tool and increases transparency and reliability through registration Distributed from DECODE.


The DECODE application is fully documented and available on Github, and the project collaborates with programmers, developers and social innovators to test the technology in other areas.

The application is developed with the following technologies:
– React Native as a base framework that allows you to keep most of the source code for both iOS and Android platforms.
– Redux as the manager of the application state
– Zenroom (developed by, partner of the project) is the cryptographic library with which intelligent contracts are executed on the device
– Chainspace, the blockchain where the auditable actions are recorded, such as signing a request
– GraphQL to obtain information on the requests to sign that are on the Decidim Barcelona platform
– QR encoding to access the results of a request that is located on the BarcelonaNow platform through a custom control panel.

client: DECODE is a Europe-wide consortium.

year: 2019

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