Project to unify the information distributed in different area / department sites.


The project began with the need, from Roca, to offer to its public an integrated website, consistent with current technologies. The main objective of integration was to concentrate on a single web institutional and diffusion content with the entire catalogue of products that Roca offers.


The data source to display in the Web is dispersed in various sectors and is classified into two groups: static and dynamic. The objective here is to create all the necessary processes to unify and exploit this information from the Web.
Roca is present in a lot of markets (countries and regions) and the Web has to be general enough, to avoid having to carry out specific developments, but at the same time flexible enough in its peculiarities.
The product catalogue of Roca is not uniform in all markets. The solution must allow the classification of products by market and in its language.
An advanced search engine was included that is able to select products based on their individual characteristics, as well as a generic text search.


We developed a search engine implemented in Java EE. We used IBM WebSphere as Application Server, and Oracle as a database. The auxiliary processes for data concentration have been implemented in Java.
For the use of the infrastructure framework we used Spring, and Hibernate for the persistence, allowing the construction of lightweight development environments (Tomcat and MySQL) without compromising the functionality and compatibility with end products in production environment.
These environments have raised the degree of independence in the developer and, as a consequence of this independence, increased development speed.