Website of the campaign against male violence by the Barcelona City Council


BCN antimasclista is an informational website of Barcelona City Council in the context of the campaign against male violence announced by the mayor on 23/11/2015. This project has been jointly developed with creative agency EBA Comunicació. Our job in Jamgo was to translate the design created by EBA to the web environment, and all technical aspects of the integration with the production servers of the Barcelona City Council.


The launch of the website had a tight deadline of 20 days, to be simultaneous with the launch of the campaing and with the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. During this time we developed all the pages and information structures and applied the design. EBA was creating the design at the same time, and validating it with the City Council, hence the communication and coordination between both parts was a key part of the project. Compliance with standard acceptance criteria for the City Council websites: multilanguage, responsiveness, corporate menu, style guide, SEO and accessibility.

Internally it was a challenge to adapt the work plan to include a project with such a tight deadline. Havig the opportunity to participate in the campaign helped us to decide it was worth the effort.


WordPress is the ideal CMS for projects of this kind, and the Foundation front end framework gave us the basic building blocks that allowed us to meet the objectives on time. Coordinetion with EBA to set priorities and make their creative process compatible with a quick implementation was also a key factor to meet the deadline. Keeping the code in the git version control system was also an important factor to manage changes in an agile way.


WordPress 4.3

Foundation 5