Collaboration with congenital heart association for the development of its new website.


Consists in creating the new website for AACIC and Cor Avant foundation. The challenge is to make available updated technological resources (CMS integrated with social networks, etc …) that allow them to communicate better, and thus increase the social awareness of congenital heart disease.

What brings Jamgo

Jamgo execute the entire project: from usability improvements in communication and visual aspects, to the technological platform and the contents migration.
Being AACIC and Cor Fundació Avant entities with positive social impact, delivering the usual proposition value of Jamgo is done this time through a mixed model, paid in one hand and in the other with free cost work.
In addition both entities are working together in the prospection of the Jamgo’s network of professional contacts with social sensitivity wanting to help funding the project, which is a quite innovative B2B model in the social field.

What brings AACIC

  • To assist, in as wide a scope as possible, children and youngsters affected by congenital cardiopathies, their families and the professionals who deal with them throughout the different evolutionary stages.
  • To foster, promote and enhance all projects and services to enable the integration of those affected of congenital cardiopathies in different areas of society and life in general, (educational, work, leisure…).
  • To distribute information and generally spread and share knowledge about congenital cardiopathies and their consequences so as to develop and further promote public awareness on the issue.
  • Fostering and promoting initiatives to research congenital cardiopathies.
  • Forming and fostering voluntary workers as a form of collaboration.
  • Closely monitoring to ensure the effective application of the rights of children who are admitted into hospitals (as reflected in the European Letter of the Rights of Children in Hospital).

client: ACCIC

year: 2014

related services:

CMS & Web development




Horaci Polanco (Lead designer)