Amadeu Heredia

Java EE Architect specializing in web and mobile projects, parakeet and chess player.

Bàrbara Masachs

Web designer, passionate about the digital world, photography and the countryside. Discovering and learning new things day by day.

Martín Espinach

Java EE Architect, bit passionate and navigator from the Rio de la Plata to the placid waters of the Mediterranean.

Jordi Buj

Java EE Architect, passionate about everything that can be used to develop software. Stuck on running, in love with my basketball team “la Penya” and my city Badalona, and hopeful to live in a better country.

Josep Porcel

WEB Developer, football fan, lover of the sea and fishing, Electronic engineer but totally in love with web programming,

Aritz Samaniego

Java EE Architect specialized in web and mobile development, regular swimmer and lover of street culture.

Antonio Fernández

IT Project Manager. Passionate about football, rock music, mountain trekking and, especially, my daughter Carla.

marta gomez

Martha Gómez

Digital communication and technology to empower citizens

martin deluca

Martín Deluca

Cyclist and developer, used to long distances as well as climb mountain passes.